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They have been ordered!   Expect to see mid to late August.

YFF Sock and Blanket Drive

Please remember that throughout the season, the Texas Titans is collecting socks and blankets to support the YFF “Blanket & Sock Drive.” Details in the YFF flyer by clicking here.

Cheer Camp – this weekend

Date: Saturday August 4, 2018


Attire: Titan’s Blue Practice Tank, athletic shorts/cheer shorts, socks, Tennis shoes, hair in ponytail.

What to Bring: Water bottle and a healthy snack.  NO CANDY!!! NO Snacks that leave a residue on fingers/hands/mouths (ex. Cheetos or Doritos)

Lunch: Will be provided by the Titan’s (Lisa and Liz will be taking care of this for the girls)

Location: Cobb Sixth Grade Campus 

              6722 Uvalde Rd.

              Houston, TX 77049

From Farm League it looks to be a 50 minute drive it you take toll way.

Parents cannot stay they are to drop off girls at the High School with coaches and return at pick up time.

YFF Changes Game Times

This year the YFF is changing the game times.  If you have played in the past years, JV and Varsity times will be switched. Below are the times for each level:
Freshman: 10:00 – 11:30
Sophomore: 11:30-1:00
Varsity: 1:00 – 3:00
JV: 3:00 – 5:00
Keep in mind that if you need to change your volunteer commitment because of this, make sure to notify the Volunteer Director.
*Note: Games are always on Saturday unless we have to make up a game on a Sunday.

Fundraiser Raffle Reminder

If you have sold your raffle tickets, please turn in ticket stubs at practice to avoid misplacing or loosing.  You can also pickup additional tickets to sale.

The Federation

The Federation is the premier youth football and cheer organization based in Houston, TX. The Federation is focused more on substance than hype, and more on the positive impact of our programs on parents, participants, and the community. Each and every member organization is treated with dignity and respect from the leadership of the Federation.

The Titans are a charter member of the Federation and are entering their 6th year of play in this league. To be the best you need to compete with the best.

Go to YFF website

Heads up Football

Read more how the Texas Titans utilizes “Heads up Football” to make youth football safer.

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