Board positions available

We are looking to fill a few more spots on the Texas Titans Board. For anyone interested, please send an email to president@titansyouthfootball.com

Growing Teams

We are looking to grow our Cheer Squad and a few of the Football Levels. For additional details, please send email to president@titansyouthfootball.com

Texas State ID Mandatory for 2019

Lots of planning underway for the 2019 season.  For 2019, all Football athletes will be required to have a valid Texas ID.  This excludes cheer athletes.


The Federation

The Federation is the premier youth football and cheer organization based in Houston, TX. The Federation is focused more on substance than hype, and more on the positive impact of our programs on parents, participants, and the community. Each and every member organization is treated with dignity and respect from the leadership of the Federation.

The Titans are a charter member of the Federation and are entering their 6th year of play in this league. To be the best you need to compete with the best.

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Heads up Football

Read more how the Texas Titans utilizes “Heads up Football” to make youth football safer.

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